Quality of Light :: Côte d'Azur

Photography is all about the quality of light. With Leica M9 it’s especially so.

Due to the limited dynamic range of its CCD sensor, M9 does not give you a lot of room for manoeuvring in post-processing. You either hit or you miss.

On the other hand, if you are ballpark with your exposure and the quality of light is great, you get exquisite colors out of M9 like no others.

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Tokyo Photo Walk :: Seijo 成城

This past trip to Tokyo, we chose Seijo (成城), a suburb area that’s 30min~40min from the center of Tokyo. This is one of those high-end suburbs in Tokyo where rich families escape the crowd of the city center and surround their mansions with gardens. The famous high-end supermarket chain Seijo Ishii (成城石井) was originally from this area.

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Story :: Louis XIV Inspecting the Troops

What captured my eyes initially was actually the mother and her grandiose faux fur. I was wondering whether I should get closer and take a more animated shot of her. However, as she followed her son (supposedly) from the left to the right, inspecting the statutes one by one, I decided to frame the shot in an abstract way, from a certain distance.

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