Gears :: Quick thought on M10-D

Now that the rabbit is out of the hat, let me share some quick thoughts on the newly announced Leica M10-D.

  1. For years we Leica M fans have been asking for a version of Leica digital M cameras sans LCD screen. Leica tried that with a variation of M246, calling it M-D. Few people bit. With M10-D I think many well as the overall design of M10 was already very analogue. Throwing away the LCD, you get an almost perfect look!

  2. Since my M9 (and its cousin MM), Leica has upgraded the body a couple of times. However, none even triggered the slightest desire in me to upgrade, not even the recently highly acclaimed M10.

  3. But this M10-D is different. Just have that LCD removed already has me drooling. And that lever-aka-thumbrest! Darn!

  4. What’s stopping me for now: I’ve seen many comparisons of M10 CMOS and M9 CCD. I still haven’t found a convincing case for me to switch to CMOS.

  5. What would trigger me to jump:

    • Make a monochrome version! Maybe MM10-D?

    • At least allow us to format the SD cards on the app. (This should be an easy fix)

  6. Bottom line: Even if what I demanded in 5 come true and I jump, I’ll definitely keep M9 as its CCD is so invaluable and in scarcity now. It’ll be with me till the day I die.

Jerry Yang#gearsComment