Believe it or not, having been living in Europe for 6 years, this was actually the first time I went to Barcelona.

Maybe it's because all those TV coverages on young bodies in search of the 3S (Sun, Sea & Sex) during summertime, or it's because the notoriously meaningless Mobile World Congress in the winter. One way or the other I just never found the reason to visit this Catalonia city that so many hold dear to their hearts.

Until now..

However, after 36 hrs in Barcelona before heading toward the country side for the wedding of my MBA buddy, I have to say that Barcelona impressed me more than I had imagined but fell short of moving me. Unlike Venezia, where each visit plants the seed of returning, Barcelona, as comfortable and arguably beautiful as it is, did not register such feeling in me.

I guess overall the city just lacked some sort of rigor and tension that I like. It’s too relaxing but not relaxing enough. A bit of neither here nor there for my taste. 

The food is great though. Other than one misguided dinner at a tourist spot, all other meals were awesome. Still, I don’t see myself returning to the city other than for business, especially that I’m not really a beach guy.

As a result, don’t be surprised if these photos are not the last batch from me about the capital of Catalonia…


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