I was born in Taiwan and spent the first 34 years of my life in the island that was once known as Formosa.

I first picked up photography when I started traveling around the world in my mid 20's. What captivated me in the beginning was dramatic perspectives. I was using ultra wide-angle and super telephoto lenses to expand and compress the distances in front of my eyes anywhere from 50cm all the way to 10km. Landscapes and cityscapes were my stronghold. Occasionally I got a few good shots of streets but human beings were not really my thing.

Then out of curiosity I picked up an used Leica M9 on eBay in 2011 while I was still working in Silicon Valley. Everything changed.

I fell in love with street photography that I even got a PRK eye surgery to get rid of glasses so that I could focus better with the rangefinder system. I eventually left the sunnily dull California and moved to Paris. I've since sold all my DSLR gears and then all Leica lenses except Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 ASPH. Now I'm literally one-camera-one-lens.

I never looked back.

If you're ever in Paris, feel free to drop me a message at Let's go take a long walk, some photos and lots of coffee!


Leica M9 + Noctilux f/0.95 50mm ASPH

  • I always shoot Noctilux wide-open at f/0.95.

  • For daytime outdoor shots I'd fix a 3-stop or 4-stop ND filters to allow for wide-open shots.

  • On M9 my in-camera setting is always "B&W JPG + DNG".

  • I use Lightroom for post-processing.

  • All my B&W photos are direct JPG outputs of Leica M9, the quality of which has become a legend. I seldom do a lot of post-processing on the B&W JPG files other than some exposure compensation and shadow recovery.

  • All my color photos are exported via Lightroom from DNG files. I usually only fix the white balance and exposure. I seldom mess with other settings.

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